The Faces and Stakes of Brand Insertion

Edited by Sébastien Lefait, Sandrine Villers – 2022

Sébastien Lefait, Sandrine Villers (Eds.)

This volume seeks to complement extant studies of product placement strategies by introducing a methodology more systematically related to the field of cultural studies, especially where the reception and impact of product placement are concerned. It explores the many iterations of brand placement in popular culture, with a consideration of the crossover between advertisement and art in everything from Wes Anderson, “Blade Runner” and the “Fast and Furious” franchise, to music videos, late night shows and plastic art. The book considers the impact of brand placement in TV series on teenagers, as well as the evolution of such placement in literature.

Contributions by Sandrine Villers (Paris 8 University, France), Boris Chapoton (University of Lyon, Saint-Etienne, France), Delphine Le Nozach (Lorraine University, France), Julie Assouly (University of Artois, France), Árpád Papp-Vary (Budapest Metropolitan University, Hungary), Gergő Novodonszki (Budapest Metropolitan University, Hungary), Laurent Salters (Paris 8 University), Joshua Schulze (University of Michigan), Pauline Ziserman (Aix-Marseille University, France), Veronika Cserényi (Budapest Metropolitan University, Hungary), Marina Ferreira Da Silva (University of Le Havre Normandie, France), Pascale Ezan (University of Le Havre Normandie, France), Sébastien Lefait (Aix-Marseille University, France)

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