Founded in 2005, the Laboratoire d’Études et de Recherche sur le Monde Anglophone (LERMA) is a research centre of Aix-Marseille University (UR 853), where researchers work on the English-speaking world, its languages, cultures and cultural productions, as well as its interactions with the various geographical areas.

The LERMA is divided into four research programmes (subdivided into groups or ‘themes’) and two interdisciplinary projects. 

  1. Decentred Disciplines: Rethinking Approaches and Questioning Knowledge
  2. The Relation to the Other, Memory and Identity
  3. Experiences of Modernity, 17th and 18th Centuries
  4. The Subject as Object

In addition to:

  • The Horizon Project (Young Researchers): ‘The Female Voices of Anti-feminism’, recipient of the A*MIDEX ‘Pépinière d’Excellence’ (Incubator of Excellence) Award
  • ‘History and Epistemology of English Studies’, the Centre’s Research Project

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Adam Bigache (doctorant @LermaAmu), coordinateur du Pôle Chicago à @idameriques a publié dans le numéro 32 des Echos des Amériques qui vient de paraître @bulshamu @univamu
LermaAmu photo
Le chapitre "Genealogy and Architecture of a Global Model: The Role of British and American Conservatize Think Tanks in the Dissemination of Neoliberal Ideas" de Virgile Lorenzoni va paraître dans "The Anglo-American Model of Neoliberalism of the 1980s" @Palgrave @bulshamu LermaAmu photo
L'ouvrage « Illustre Shakespeare » de Jean-Louis Claret vient de paraître aux Presses Universitaires de Provence @univamu @bulshamu
LermaAmu photo