OREMA one-day conference – “Reimagining Diplomatic Models in the English-speaking World”

vendredi 07 avril 2023 @ 8h30 – 17h00 –

The reconfiguration of international relations in the wake of
the geopolitical upheavals of the later twentieth and early 21st
centuries, from the so-called “end of history” to “the end of
globalisation”, has stimulated theoretical innovation in diplo-
matic paradigms, with attention shifting from the State to pu-
blic, cultural, unofficial and non-state forms of diplomacy and
the exercise of ‘soft’ and ‘smart power’ influence. In parallel to
the rethinking of diplomatic practice in contemporary global
politics, the field of diplomatic history has extended its notio-
nal scope beyond foreign policy-making and external relations
to reconsider transnational interrelations among colonial and
postcolonial societies. This conference looks at how changing
conceptions of diplomacy are casting new light on the past as
well as the present relations of English-speaking communities
with the wider world.


vendredi 07 avril 2023    
8h30 - 17h00

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One-day conference organised by
Observatoire des Relations Extérieures du Monde Anglophone

Salle 211
Le Cube