‘Channels of Digital Scholarship’ Seminar – ‘Institutions & Networks: The cultural infrastructures of digital scholarship’


mardi 24 mai 2022    
15h00 - 17h30

‘Channels of Digital Scholarship’ Seminar

Institutions & Networks: The cultural infrastructures of digital scholarship
15:00-17:30, 24.5.2022
Seminar Room, Maison Française d’Oxford & Zoom

Convenors: Goran Gaber, Andrew Cusworth

In this unique two-hour seminar hosted by Maison Française d’Oxford (MFO) and Digital Scholarship @ Oxford (DiSc), participants from leading research institutions in France and the UK will discuss the challenges and opportunities for national institutions engaged in digital research, including
• creating and sustaining long-term infrastructures in a research environment that
favours short-term funding;
• enabling collaboration and exchange;
• and balancing public and commercial interests in their work.

Introduced by the directors of MFO and DiSc (Professors Pascal Marty and Howard Hotson), this seminar will draw together speakers from Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Huma-Num, and the Alan Turing Institute. Gathering in the seminar room at MFO, participants and attendees will have an opportunity to hear four papers on these topics, take part in formal and informal discussion and exchange, and enjoy a
little cheese, wine (or alcohol-free alternative), and conversation.

Nicolas Sauret (Huma-Num CNRS): “The HN Lab of Huma-Num. Prospects and initiatives around AI for the humanities”
Emmanuelle Bermès & Marie Carlin (BNF, Paris): “Digital humanities at the BnF: between age-old missions and support for new uses”
Barbara McGillivray (King’s College, London): “Mining for meaning in the open: computational analyses of historical textual corpora”
Dave De Roure (Engineering Science Department & Alan Turing Institute): “Knowledge Infrastructure for Digital Scholarship”

Registration link: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEudOCrpjIvHtI5fHad7LS7zg74LrHQY2hr