Race, Ethnicity and Publishing in America

Cécile Cottenet – 2014

Cécile Cottenet ed., Race, Ethnicity and Publishing in America.  Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. ISBN : 9781137390516.

Building on interdisciplinary and cross-Atlantic scholarly dialogue, this volume offers contributions on culturally marginalized literatures in America from the perspective of print culture. Spanning the slavery era through the early 21st century, the essays draw on approaches from library history, literary history and textual studies to provide insights into the publication and making of African American, Hispanic and Franco-American authors. From 19th century African American historians, to segregated libraries in the age of Jim Crow, to the strategies of Hispanic small presses and Franco-American writers, the essays show how authors and publishers alike strive to challenge the existing order and racial/ ethnic assumptions. As the scholars here historicize the production, dissemination, marketing and reception of minority authors, they explore and engage with issues of readership and bilingualism, and suggest new, thought-provoking readings of canonical works. This book represents a new contribution to an emerging disciplinary field where ethnic studies and book history intersect.