Cultural Transformations in the English-Speaking World

Cécile Cottenet, Jean-Christophe Murat, Nathalie Vanfasse Eds – 2010

Cécile Cottenet, Jean-Christophe Murat,  Nathalie Vanfasse Eds, Cultural Transformations in the English-Speaking World, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, ISBN13: 978-1-4438-1642-7 ISBN10: 1-4438-1642-6

In a context where cultural transformations have become a basic feature of modern life as people and nations are brought closer together, this book tackles transformations occurring within and across cultures of the English-speaking world in the fields of literature, painting, architecture, photography and film. It helps readers decipher these dynamic phenomena and situate them in a historical perspective. The articles move within and across cultures and mirror the broad range of approaches to cultural practices that have appeared in the past few decades. They provide readers with tools to work out the transformations these practices undergo and the new life and meaning this process infuses into cultures of the English-speaking world. This book will be useful to graduate and doctoral students as well as post-doctoral researchers working in film studies, cultural studies, art history, literature and creative writing. Its clear language and pedagogical approaches will also make it accessible to the general public.