U.S. Leadership in a World of Uncertainties

Michael Stricof and Isabelle Vagnoux (eds) – 2022

Michael Stricof and Isabelle Vagnoux (eds). U.S. Leadership in a World of Uncertainties. ISBN: 978-3-031-10259-2. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2022.

This book analyzes the transformations and consistencies of American leadership during the past few years and situates recent American foreign policy in a longer time frame, following the 2020 presidential election and after a full year of the Biden Administration. This longer and broader view by European and American academics and experts considers both shifting American policies, notably during Trump’s presidency, and underlying trends that have often gone ignored compared to the more dramatic antics of the 45th president. It helps decode recent American policy and permits us to consider possible new directions and likely continuities under Democratic leadership.

Contributors: Josef Braml, Robert Boyer, Jean-Daniel Collomb, Frédérick Douzet and Stéphane Taillat, Sidra Hamidi, Robert J. McMahon, Marina Ottaway, Tony Smith, Michael Stricof, Isabelle Vagnoux, and Jean-Baptiste Velut.