Letters to Swift

Ruth Menzies and Jean Viviès (eds.) – 2021

Ruth Menzies et Jean Viviès (éds.),
Letters to Swift,
e-Rea 18.2 (2021)

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Table des matières

I/ Foreword

Ruth MENZIES et Jean VIVIÈS Letters to Swift — Foreword

II/ Letters to Swift

Ian SANSOM I have often thought of writing to you

Ruth MENZIES Fate has decidedly not treated us equally

Emanuelle PERALDO A Letter from Daniel DE FOE to the Author of Gulliver’s Travels

Nathalie BERNARD I heard that you said you had not laughed above twice in your life

Élodie GALIANA-CAMARENA Journal from Stella (extract)

Nathalie ZIMPFER The idlest trifling stuff that ever was writt”?

Chloé BECCARIA My dear Aunt Jane Austen

Grégoire LACAZE On quantum mechanics. To Jonathan Swift, Dean of St Patrick’s

Amélie DEROME Horsing around: the swan song of the Houyhnhnm race

Mireille OZOUX Letter to a Censor in the Age of Academies

III/ Appendices: Three genuine letters to Swift

Letter from Esther Vanhomrigh (“Vanessa”) to Swift

Letter from John Gay and Alexander Pope to Jonathan Swift

Letter from Mrs. Howard to Dr. Swift

IV/ Critical Essay

Claude RAWSON Gulliver and the Gentle Reader

V/ Biographical notices and bibliography

Biographical notices