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PhD student 



Noëlle Mathis is an author, teacher, writing workshop facilitator and researcher. She likes to quote Nancy Huston: “I am a woman in exile, that is to say, always on the edge, on the frontier, on the sidelines, on one side and on the other, in permanent imbalance, an imbalance that today […] makes me exist, makes me write.” (Nord Perdu, 1986, p. 28).

Indeed, her writing path is situated on the frontier, between several languages – French, Franconian, German, English and Italian – and several countries, having spent two years in Northern Germany, thirteen years on the West Coast of Canada and six months in the Amazon jungle. Her doctoral thesis in “Pratique et théorie de la création artistique et littéraire” (AMU/LERMA) entitled je parle pas la langue, followed by j’irai à Haida Gwaii is directed by Sara Greaves (Professor at AMU) and Christiane Veschambre (poet). Her creative work focuses on lost languages. In 2006, she co-created the association Les Mots Voyageurs (, which offers weekly and monthly writing workshops.

In 2007, she obtained a DU in “writing workshops training” at AMU. In 2013, she defended her first doctoral dissertation in language and education sciences, carried out as a joint-PhD between Avignon University and Simon Fraser University in Canada, and entitled Plurilingual Identities and Textual Creation in French as a Second Language: A Sociolinguistic Approach to Writing. Workshops (

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2013 PhD Education, Simon Fraser University (Canada) : “Plurilingual Identities and Textual Creation in French as a Second Language : A Sociolinguistic Approach to Writing Workshops”

2004 Master of Arts Education, Simon Fraser University (Canada)