Research Centre Board

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In addition to a Director and Deputy Director, the Research Centre Board comprises ex-officio members (supervising scientific programmes and interdisciplinary projects), as well as elected and appointed members. It meets once a month from September to July. Every other month since 2020, the meeting has been open to all permanent members for collective discussion of the life of the centre and issues of scientific strategy.

LERMA’s Executive Board is composed of ex-officio members. It is consulted electronically, or on site, before each board meeting.

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Sébastien LEFAIT

Director (PR)

Marie Odile HEDON

Deputy Director (PR)  

Membres de droit  

  • Nicolas BOILEAU (MCF), resp. projet Horizon
  • Cécile COTTENET (PR), resp. programme A
  • Laurence STERRITT (MCF HDR), resp. programme C
  • Isabelle VAGNOUX (PR), resp. programme B
  • Sophie VALLAS (PR), resp. programme D   

Membres élus

  • Valérie ANDRÉ (MCF), membre élue, programme B
  • Aurélie CECCALDI (MCF), membre élue, programme D
  • Florent DA SYLVA (représentant doctorants, suppléant : Julien GUAZZINI)
  • Amélie DEROME (représentante doctorants, suppléante : Francesca GENESIO)
  • Sara GREAVES (MCF HDR), membre élue, programme A
  • Jean VIVIES (PR), membre élue, programme C  

Membres nommés

  • Marie Odile HEDON (PR), rédactrice en chef d’E-rea
  • Grégoire LACAZE (MCF HDR), référent numérique
  • Claire SORIN (MCF), référente Culture Scientifique    

Invités permanents

  • Marie Line FENECH (appui administratif)
  • Stéphane SAM (gestionnaire financier)