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Les adaptations cinématographiques des romans de J.K. Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkien et C.S. Lewis
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Joanny Moulin
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Adaptation has existed since the beginning of cinema. Film-makers quickly realized that representing a tale or a book on screen was advantageous for production in terms of speed and efficiency. However we do not often think that popular film can confront the audience with ideas to debate.
If we judge the success of cinematographic literary adaptation only by the criterion of closeness to the source text, we run the risk of being disappointed. Nevertheless, a visual representation of a text, emphasising the essence of the story, often produces very strong reactions. The argument about the “correct” approach also leads to the controversial idea of a hierarchy among the arts, where some are perceived to be of greater importance than others.
The stylistic choices of a film-maker force us to think about questions already considered by Aristotle and Plato : the nature of art and the role of the artist. Should the artist aim to create a perfect reproduction of reality or is art already too far removed from the idea to be able to represent it? What is more important in artistic representation: the idea or the object?
This study considers these questions in relation to a corpus including some of the most successful films in the history of Hollywood. We will examine the question of adaptation as well as the problem of fidelity. Underlining the essential differences between literature and cinema, we will reflect upon the essence of fantasy. Analysis of certain film extracts will allow us to determine the common themes of these works and thus to compare the different approaches of the directors concerned. Often, beyond a simple condensing of events, we can draw out from the film-maker’s own inventions, the expression of different arguments, which demonstrate where they stand on such debates and ideas.

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Cinema, literature, fantasy, adaptation, mythopoeia

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