Modern Representations of Sub-Saharan Africa

Edited By Lori Maguire, Susan Ball, Sébastien Lefait – 2020

Edited By Lori Maguire, Susan Ball, Sébastien Lefait – Routledge – ISBN 9780367343125

This book examines how representations of African in the Anglophone West have changed in the post-imperial age. The period since the Second World War has seen profound changes in sub-Saharan Africa, notably because of decolonization, the creation of independent nation-states and the transformation of the relationships with the West. Using a range of case studies from news media, maps, popular culture, film and TV the contributions assess how narrative and counter-narratives have developed and been received by their audiences in light of these changes. Examining the overlapping areas between media representations and historical events, this book will be of interest to students and scholars of African Studies and Media and Cultural Studies.