Transversal project: History and Epistemology of English Studies

Research Heads: Anne Page and Sophie Vallas

Research log:

Members: Valérie André (Lecturer), Alice Byrne (Lecturer), Cécile Cottenet (Lecturer), Sara Greaves (Senior Lecturer), Marie-Odile Hédon (Professor), Grégoire Lacaze (Senior Lecturer), Sébastien Lefait (Professor), Anne Page (Professor), Michael Stricof (Lecturer), Sophie Vallas (Professor)

This project, born at LERMA but now involving 13 research units in France today, aims to address a gap: there has been no attempt to identify archival sources for English Studies, nor an institutional, social, and political reconstitution of their history. We possess no full study revealing the major historical periods, researchers’ careers, places of development, emergence of professional societies or academic journals, all of which would enable improved reflection on the very outlines of a ‘discipline’, of a ‘disciplinary field’, on institutionalization or differentiation indexes, and on the role of French specialists of English Studies on the international scene. This project, with a heritage constituent and an analytical constituent, thus consists in creating a platform gathering archives and data (which are sparse for now), then in writing a collaborative history of English Studies in France (the major stages of evolution, important figures, learned societies and research structures, locations…) This project connects with the series of ‘Major Interviews’ with figures of English Studies in France, developed in our research unit’s journal, E-rea ( as well as with a current LERMA project on Marc Chénetier’s archives.

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