Professional Integration and Alumni

The quality of professional integration and the future of the graduate students is given the utmost attention in the ECMA Master’s programme.

Professional Development Council

The Professional Development Council maximizes students’ learning, while facilitating their occupational integration. Marin Dacos, head of the Centre for Open Electronic Publishing (CLEO), runs the council, which is composed of 19 statutory members and 7 outside members, namely:

  • Mr Rémi Borel, head librarian of the Bibliothèque Méjanes;
  • Mr Marin Dacos, head of the CLEO, holder of the agrégation in history, research engineer at France’s CNRS;
  • Mr Jean-Christophe Faudot, head of the Higher Education and Research committee. Relations with the economic world. Pays d’Aix metropolitan area;
  • Ms Laëtitia Lasagesse, transfer project supervisor in human and social sciences. SATT Sud-Est;
  • Ms Sophie Vallas, professor, head of the Language, Letters and Arts postgraduate school, ED 354;
  • Ms Jessica Salvo (Da Costa-Vieira), teacher at Lycée Vitrolles (13). ACMA Master of research in linguistics. Holder of the agrégation externe (2011) in English, which she prepared in Aix-Marseille University’s Department of English Studies
  • Ms Amandine Texier, ACMA Research Master graduate, publishing assistant and research engineer at OpenEdition.

Assistance for Further Studies and Professional Integration

  • personalized help with professional integration and seeking an internship;
  • graduate network; alumni directory and alumni day;
  • vocational units in Digital Humanities for first-year and second-year Master’s students, allowing an original linking of research on English language and culture with the engineering of broadcasting;
  • course unit in the promotion of research results and professional skills (for first years);
  • Research Day organized by second-year Master’s students;
  • skills guide.