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Siècles d'étude :
20ème et 21ème.
Domaines de recherche :
Politique Américaine
Domaines de recherche :
Politique Américaine
Formation :

Licence LLCE Anglais Université de Limoges

Master 1 Recherche Anglais Université de Limoges

Master 2 Recherche Anglais Universtié de Limoges

Titre de thèse:
Enjeux politiques de l'électorat hispanique au Texas depuis 1994
Directeur de recherche :
Isabelle VAGNOUX
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5 mots-clés en français :

politiques, hispaniques, électorat, Texas

Résumé de la thèse en anglais :

 Between 1990 and 2001, the Hispanic population has increased by 51%, growing from 26 to 50.8 million individuals. The last report of the American Census Bureau, published in 2014, estimates that there are 55 million individuals of Latino descent living in the United States and expect that number to increase to 100 million between the years 2050 and 2060. In Texas, state under Republican majority since 1996, Hispanics account for 38.6 % of the population and will outnumber their white peers by 2020, making the Lone Star State a minority majority state. Even though Texas is known for being the stronghold of the Republican Party since the election of George W. Bush as governor in 1994, the rapid growth of the Hispanic population - mainly leaning towards the democrats- could restore the balance between the two parties in the Lone Star State.

Yet, Hispanics voters face many social and political barriers and their electoral involvement remains low. Research has shown that Hispanics’ lower-skilled occupations, high rates of high school dropouts, and low qualifications act as barriers to upward mobility and thus active electoral participation.Hispanics’ low voter turnout can also be ascribed to political marginalization due to their lack of knowledge of the voting process and to institutional barriers –redistricting, hostile legislation–. The aim of my work is to lay the foundation and provide groundwork for those who will conduct research, in the future, on Latino politics in the United States in order to fully comprehend the stakes that surround this ethnic minority and understand what could be the consequences for both political parties.


5 mots-clés en anglais:

political, hispanic, electorate, Texas, parties

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