MENZIES Ruth - Conférences et communications

Conférences et communications :

"Le Robinson des Demoiselles (1835): An Edifying Robinsonade for Young French Girls?”, paper given at the Conference “In Crusoe’s Footsteps: Robinson Crusoe and the Robinsonade – A Tercentenary Appraisal”, Roehampton University, 6th September, 2019

"The Ties That Bind: Images of Gulliver in 21st-Century Cartoons", paper given at ISECS Conference, University of Edinburgh, 14th-19th July, 2019

"From The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe to Le Vrai Robinson: literary and virtual journeys through time and text", paper given at the conference, "300 ans de Robinsonnades/ 300 years of Robinsonades", Université de Lyon III, 10th-12th April 2019

"Gemma Bovery: A Feminist Reworking of a French Classic (?)", paper given at the pop-up conference, Gender and the Graphic Novel, University of Barcelona, 8th March 2019

"A graphic 21st-century Gulliver: Martin Rowson's graphic novel, Gulliver's Travels (2012)," paper given at the conference Jonathan Swift in the 21st Century, Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 22nd-24th February 2018

"Issues of Identity in Defoe's Roxana", paper given at the one-day conference Formes romanesques de l'Angleterre des Lumières à l'Amérique de la Modernité, Clermont Ferrand,12th January 2018

Appropriation and Identity in Natasha Soobramanien’s Genie and Paul, paper given at the conference on Authorship and Appropriation, University of Dundee, 8th-9th April 2016

"La fiction contre-attaque : la place des illustrations dans les avatars modernes de Gulliver’s Travels," Colloque Dessins et Contres-Dessins. Hommage à Michel Renaud, 13, 14 et 15 novembre 2015, au Rendez Vous du Carnet de Voyages, Clermont Ferrand

"From a belle infidèle to a ‘cannibalistic translation’: issues of faithfulness in two ‘translated’ texts," Erasmus Visiting Faculty Talk , 28th October 2014, Edinburgh University, MSc Translation Studies,

"Paratext and Context in 20th Century Gulliveriana," communication faite au Congrès ESSE, Kosice, Slovaquie, 29 août - 2 septembre 2014

« La réécriture comme réparation : déplacement et déracinement dans Genie and Paul de Natasha Soobramanien (2012) », communication faite au colloque « Émergence d’une littérature de l’océan Indien au tournant des Lumières : Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, Parny et Bertin. », organisé par Chantale Meure, Guilhem Armand et Jean-Michel Racault, à l’université de La Réunion, 24-26 septembre 2014.

« Le journal de bord d’Archibald Menzies, » communication faite au colloque de la SELVA, Clermont Ferrand, 17 novembre 2012