CALVINI-LEFEBVRE Marc - Enseignements

Lesson (current year):

- L3 LLCER: The Power of Ideas: an introduction to British political thought (avec Valérie André)

- L3 LLCER: Feminist Book Club (avec Nicolas Boileau)

- L2 LLCER: Modernity, Empire and Society (avec Valérie André, Matthew Graves et Gilles Teulié)

- L1 LLCER: Disunited Kingdom? (avec Karine Bigand)

- L3 LEA: Angels in the House? Womena and the Women's Movement in 19th Century Britain

- L2 LEA: Gender and Work in Britain and the USA

- L2 LEA: Gender and Politics in the UK

- L3 LANSAD: The Great (Gendered) War